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Welcome to the Azendé WikiEdit

This Wiki is currently undergoing heavy amounts of editing, and is filling up with content, so don't be alarmed if you don't see many pages!Edit

Welcome to the official guide to the world of Azendé. Here you will be able to find guides, maps and explanations for the ever-growing Minecraft Server. Use the search box to look for a particular topic or the Contents table below. As the server expands, so will the wiki so keep your eyes peeled for new content.

Azendé is a server created and maintained by Nezorion Generation, and is a Faction based PvP server in Minecraft. It is designed to include an aspect for every player however, with carefully thought out economical systems, player owned housing and construction, free world PvP and safe PvP, dungeons and an immersive world, there really is something for every player.


Azendé Server is ran by the dedicated staff body known as the "Guardians of Azende" Together they form a tight knit community, to whom without none of this could have been even remotely possible. The server is, as such, maintained by a team of builders and admins who are constantly fixing bugs and working on brand new content, and a devoted team of player moderators who answer tickets and provide help.

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